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What sets us apart from every other weight loss surgery center in New Jersey is our ongoing commitment to you, our patient.

But don’t take our word for it…

My mother came with me to my first consultation, and Dr. Chau took his time to answer every question we had, and trust me, there were quite a few. He actually ended up staying with us an hour past the office’s closing time just to make sure we were comfortable with all the information he had given us." — Jackie M., Edison, NJ

Melissa Hurst actual bariatric patient
"Healthy living is now a way of life - I'm not trapped by food anymore. Surgery with Dr. Dobruskin has completely changed the way I look and the way I feel - it's the best decision I ever made." — Melissa Hurst, Hamilton, NJ

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"Yes, I lost a lot of weight from the surgery, but thanks to Dr. Chau and the staff at PMC, I've also gained immeasurable, lifelong benefits." — Cynthia Meekins, NJ

"I travel a lot with my job, and it was tiring just getting in and out of the car. After surgery with Dr. Dobruskin, I am done with diabetes medications. I even posed for photographs for my daughter's prom." — Edie Pannone, New Egypt, NJ

"When I first started on my journey, I weighed 280 pounds, suffered from sleep apnea, insulin-dependent diabetes and other weight related problems. I had gastric bypass surgery and within a year I lost 102 pounds and I am still losing weight. The love and support I receive from the staff has been awesome! My only regret is that I did not have the surgery sooner." — Stacy Strout, Hamilton, NJ

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