Family Expresses Appreciation with Gift to Benefit Nursing Education

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Nishkal Binar Mehta

After Shardaben Mehta received inpatient end-of-life treatment at Princeton Medical Center (PMC), her family in Monmouth Junction and South Brunswick—Ratilal (husband), Rajesh (son), Bina (daughter-in-law), and Nishka (granddaughter)—expressed their appreciation for the care she had received by donating a gift in her memory. In Bina’s words, Shardaben was “a perfect woman—the epitome of strength and love.” 

The Mehta family’s gift will support nursing education throughout the Princeton Health system. Lifelong learning is essential for nurses to maintain and increase competencies in their clinical practice. Contributions like this one will help nurses attend conferences, obtain specialty training, and pursue advanced degrees and certifications. Since 2012, PMC has maintained Magnet™ status, the highest institutional recognition available for nursing excellence. Providing continuing education opportunities is critical to maintaining our success. 

In sharing their story, the Mehta family hopes to inspire others to embrace philanthropy and invest in their local community by giving back. To learn more about supporting Princeton Health, please contact the Princeton Medical Center Foundation office at or 609.252.8710.

Pictured above: Bina Mehta (right) and her daughter Nishka Mehta (left).

Article as seen in Foundation News Fall/Winter 2018.