Princeton Medical Center Foundation

Supporting Penn Medicine Princeton Health During COVID-19

We have been heartened by the outpouring of requests from the community for a way to support the hospital as we care for, and protect, our patients and staff from the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Listed below are ways that you can support our work. Please click here for more information. 

Emergency Response Fund

Support for the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will allow us to address today’s priorities related to the pandemic, while giving us the flexibility and resources to meet future needs as they evolve. Click to learn more about this fund.

If you would like to donate to the Emergency Response Fund, please click here.


PPE Emergency Response Fund

Used to help procure a 90-day PPE supply. This supply will supplement our inventory for routine operations and be set aside for emergency use in the event a new surge occurs and the main PPE inventory has been depleted. To support this initiative and learn more, please click here. 

Well-Being Initiative

As we look ahead to the next few months and beyond, our goal is to continue to build a culture and environment where nurses, physicians and employees in every job across our organization can “be human” – where they feel comfortable asking for help, and to be an organization that continues to recognize their mental health needs and provide the resources needed to build a resilient organization. For more information, please click here. 

Healthcare Heroes Fund

Let our Heroes Hear You! We’re sure you’ve heard and seen the applause from around the world: citizens clapping or banging pots and pans in the evening to thank the valiant Healthcare Heroes on the frontlines. Maybe where you live, they won’t hear you. Here’s a way to be heard: Treat them to dinner! Celebrate our Healthcare Heroes by sending them home with a freshly prepared meal for two at the end of their shift. Click to learn more about this fund.

If you would like to donate to the Healthcare Heroes Fund, please click here.


Food Donations

A donation of healthy snacks or food goes a long way to keep employees fueled during busy times. Please consider sending healthy options.

•  Individually packaged healthy snacks (granola bars, protein bars, trail mix, Vitamin Water, Gatorade, etc.).  
•  Food from local restaurants (NO Homemade items) to be delivered to various hospital departments 

If you are interested in donating packaged food or meals from a local restaurant as a show of support for our employees, please contact the Princeton Medical Center Foundation at or 609.252.8710

Product Donations

Penn Medicine Princeton Health is accepting personal protective equipment and supplies. 

Items included at this time:  

•  Masks (N95 and surgical)
•  Disposable water resistant gowns or coveralls
•  Hand sanitizer
•  Protective eyewear
•  Latex Free Gloves

Items must be:

•  Clean, unused, durable and disposable goods in original packaging & FDA approved
•  No handmade items being accepted at this time

If you have unused, unopened medical supplies or equipment that you would like to donate, please contact the Princeton Medical Center Foundation at or 609.252.8710.


*Please do not attempt to drop off donations at the hospital campus or elsewhere unannounced. Please call the Foundation ahead of time so that we can screen the donations and arrange how they will be delivered.


New Tax Incentives

Did you know? The CARES Act provides new laws on charitable deductions. To learn more click here.