Boosting Behavioral Health Initiatives

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Gifts Help Many Recover from Depression and Much More
Boosting Behavioral Health Initiatives -- Gifts Help Many Recover from Depression and Much More

Depression affects more than 15 million Americans. It’s the leading cause of disability for those 15 to 43 years of age according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Now, thanks to several donations in support of Princeton House Behavioral Health (PHBH), more sufferers of this debilitating disease will have a fighting chance at full recovery. 

The gift money was used, in part, to purchase two Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) machines, which provide treatment that has been found to be particularly helpful for individuals with severe depressive symptoms that require more immediate treatment than medication can provide or for those whose symptoms have not responded to medication.

“We have always set a high priority in treating our patients holistically as well as providing the latest and most effective evidence-based therapies,” said Richard Wohl, President of PHBH.One patient recently confided, “ECT changed my life. I am not depressed anymore and feel great.”

One of the recent anonymous donations also went toward a fund in honor of Philippe Khouri, MD, a geriatric psychiatrist with PHBH who has practiced psychiatry for more than 45 years. Money is disbursed from the Khouri Fund to cover education, services, equipment, and new initiatives at PHBH.

The donations will also be allocated for patient room renovations and the purchase of new video conferencing technology, which allows staff in our eight offsite locations to participate more effectively in training and Grand Rounds.

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Article as seen in Foundation News Fall/Winter 2017.