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Part of Penn Medicine at Home, Penn Medicine Hospice Princeton Health is dedicated to providing compassionate clinical care to patients with life-limiting illnesses, while supporting their loved ones. The team uses a holistic approach to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of both as they work through end-of-life issues. The team also supports patients’ efforts to live a full and meaningful life for as long as possible.

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Our Program

The care and services provided by our interdisciplinary team are tailored to the needs of patients, family members and loved ones, with an emphasis on palliative care, pain management and symptom control.

We offer services that help patients live life to its fullest and to experience a peaceful death with dignity. In addition, we provide bereavement support to the family and caregivers during and after their loss.

Care is given in the home, an assisted living facility, nursing home or the hospital in an acute inpatient setting. Loved ones who want to be actively involved in administering care are offered support and training.


A Dedicated Team

Our program includes a team of specially trained and dedicated professionals. They include:

  • Your personal physician
  • Medical director who is board certified in geriatric and internal medicine
  • Registered nurses
  • Certified home health aides
  • Social workers
  • Chaplains
  • Volunteers
  • Bereavement Counselors


These individuals work together along with the patient and his or her loved ones to create a plan of care that is specific to the needs of both patient and family.




Care & Services

Depending on each patient’s needs and the plan of care, the Hospice Program provides:

  • Regular nursing visits.
  • On-call nursing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Provision of medical equipment, supplies and medications related to the terminal illness.
  • Education about the illness, what to expect as the disease progresses, and how to cope.
  • Short-term acute inpatient care for symptom control at Princeton Medical Center/ local facilities.
  • Short-term respite care at local facilities.
  • Short-term continuous care in the home when medically necessary.
  • Social services, supportive counseling and end-of-life planning.
  • Spiritual counseling by clergy.
  • Volunteer support for the patient and caregivers.
  • Bereavement support for loved ones after their loss.


As a service of Penn Medicine Princeton Health, patients and families in our Hospice Program have access to a full continuum of healthcare support, including:

  • The Inpatient Hospice Program at Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center or at other facilities
  • Inpatient respite care at facilities of your choosing in our service area
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Educational programming and support groups through the Penn Medicine Princeton Health Community Wellness program


When Hospice Can Help

Patients and their families choose hospice care when potentially curative or disease-modifying treatment for a terminal illness is no longer appropriate or desired. The decision to receive hospice care is made by the patient, in consultation with his or her personal physician and the caregiver.

If the answer to the following questions is “yes,” then hospice is an important option to consider:

  • Has the illness been described as end-stage?
  • Does the patient desire palliative (comfort) care with pain and symptom management?
  • Are disease-modifying treatments no longer an option or no longer desirable?
  • Has the physician determined that the patient has six months or less to live if the disease follows its usual course?
  • Are family or friends willing to participate in the patient's care?
  • Does the patient desire holistic care and help with the emotional, spiritual and psychosocial issues of his or her illness?
  • Does the patient wish to remain at home and receive care?


Hospice Coverage

Hospice care is reimbursed under Medicare and Medicaid and most private insurance plans. A licensed, certified and accredited provider of hospice care, Penn Medicine Hospice offers support with financial arrangements and will coordinate reimbursement for coverage, working cooperatively with your provider. Penn Medicine Hospice provides medically necessary care regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

For more information, call the Hospice Program at 1.609.497.4900.


Hospice Memorial Video

Please click here to view the Penn Medicine Princeton Health Memorial Service video.