Strength, Stretch & Resistance

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strength fitness

A high intensity, music-driven weight training class designed to build strength, endurance and tremendous tone using adjustable barbells, high repetitions and resistance. No dance involved! It will improve your fat burning ability and muscle definition.


Work with hand weights, body bars, balls and more while doing super sets to blast the fat and define muscle! All levels are welcome.

On the Ball

Come have some fun while using the stability ball to tone, sculpt and strengthen the entire body.


Tone and strengthen your core - abs and back. All levels.


This class combines serious stretching along with strength movements using tubing and weights. All levels are welcome.

Martial Arts

Classical form of self-defense to help increase strength, agility and flexibility.

LAB 101

Strengthening class working the legs, abs and glutes.

For more information, call:
Plainsboro location, 609.799.7777
Princeton location, 609.683.7888