Special Populations

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Gentle Classes

Yoga, Pilates, Beginner Step, Ramping, Gentle Aqua and Tai Chi. There are no boundaries if you are open to these safe and unique classes at a slower pace, specially designed for seniors and the unconditioned. Chairs are provided if needed.


AFAP (Aquatic Foundation Aquatic Program) is warm water therapy - great for anyone from rehabilitation or with any type of arthritis. Ability to swim not required.

PACE - People With Arthritis Can Exercise*

Designed by the Arthritis Foundation, these gentle exercises are taught by trained instructors who will help you increase flexibility, mobility and reduce stress on the joints.

Tai Chi Arthritis

Designed at a slower pace and with chairs, these Tai Chi exercises were develolped by the Arthritis Foundation.

*Physician consent and medical clearance are necessary for PACE/AFAP classes.

For more information, please call:
Plainsboro location, 609.799.7777
Princeton location, 609.683.7888