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Improve posture, breathing, flexibility and coordination as well as chronic muscle pain and movement restrictions. This system was developed over 40 years ago by Moshe Feldenkrais.

Gentle Yoga

Enjoy yoga poses that are taught using slower, more relaxed technique. Chairs are provided if needed.

Hatha Yoga

Come away with a sense of well-being through this ancient form of movement that promotes balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Pilates Mat

Create long, lean lines while improving core muscle strength, including the abs, lower back, glutes and inner thighs as well as lengthening tight muscles of the lower body (based on the techniques of Joseph Pilates).

Power Pilates

Advanced Pilates which requires previous training and experience.

Power Yoga

Experience the dynamic breathing and a strong challenging pace building on traditional yoga postures. This form of yoga builds stamina and tremendous mental focus. Some experience helpful.

Tai Chi

Discover complete harmony of the mind and body while performing graceful, fluid and well-balanced movements. Touted for centuries in China for its effectiveness against arthritis.

Tai Chi 101

Beginning Tai Chi forms and movements.

Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga

Increase your energy while eliminating toxins of the body with this dynamic method of performing the postures in the system of Hatha Yoga using the energy system of the Chakras.

Restorative Yoga/Stress Reduction

Leave the cares of the world behind with this innovative class which combines the postures of yoga and mindfulness-based stress reduction along with breath work.

Private/Small Group Pilates

Utilize the Pilates Reformers, Wunda chairs and total workout system equipment while lengthening muscles and strengthening the core. Private and semi private classes are available for an additional charge.

**Visit the Aqua section for descriptions of other mind-body classes.

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