Tour the Operating Room

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Operating Room Overview
Operating Room instrumentation

designed for efficiency

Instrumentation and equipment suspended from ceiling at eye level to improve visibility, mobility and safety and to reduce room turnaround time. Storage of most supplies is located immediately outside the operating rooms to allow for easy access, while minimizing clutter in the operating room.
Operating Room air vent

cleanest possible environment

100% fresh air is moved through the operating room 25 times an hour through HEPA filters, providing the cleanest possible environment for surgery.
Operating Room video conferencing

features that improve communication

Video-conferencing capabilities, allowing the surgical team to communicate in real time with specialists, such as pathologists in the laboratory who are analyzing excised tissue samples. The system also has the capability to allow procedures to be watched from the Education Center for teaching purposes. All clinical data (labs, imaging studies, etc.) are viewable during the procedure.
Operating Room documentation station

better interaction

Nurse documentation station faces the operating table, rather than against the wall, for better interaction with the surgical team. Computers and OR systems accessible from station and corridor for easy access.
Operating Room daVinci robotic system

accommodating minimally invasive techniques

ORs are fully equipped for advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques, including robotic surgery.
Operating Room floor

safety and compliance features

Special floor markings increase safety awareness and compliance with surgical devise positioning in clean air flow. Flooring maternal is antibacterial.