The Daisy Award

What is the DAISY Award?


DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The Daisy Foundation was formed in January 2000 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at the age of 33 due to complications of Idiopathic Throbocytopenic Purpura. 

Pat was hospitalized for eight weeks and during this time the family was awed by not only the clinical skills but the incredible compassion they experienced from the nurses who cared for Pat and his family. In his honor the family formed the The Daisy Foundation and the DAISY Award.  The DAISY Award celebrates the compassionate care of extraordinary nurses and pays tribute to the special human consideration nurses give their patients every day as a very important part of the healing process.

  • The criteria for the DAISY Award aligns with Princeton Health Vision Mission and Values: 

  • Provides compassionate care through the healing of the mind, body and spirit

  • Effective and informative communication to patient, family and other health professionals

  • Outstanding teamwork exemplified by collaboration with others

  • Promotes patient centered care with a positive attitude

Princeton Health is offering the DAISY Award for our nurses. Patients, families, nurses, managers, physicians, staff and administrators can nominate someone who embodies the attributes listed above, keeping the main focus on the care of the patient and the family.

The Daisy Award nomination form can be filled out and put in one of the ballot boxes available throughout the hospital or emailed to

Congratulations to all the nominees and especially to James Waters, our first DAISY Award Winner!! 

2016 Winners 

  • January - Susanna Olson, Emergency Department 
  • February - Bernadette Rabbitt, NICU
  • March - Michael Katzman, Float 
  • April - Christine Faust, Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)
  • May - Linnea Gilmour, PEDS
  • June - Christina Brescia, Peri-op
  • July - Lisa D’Angelo, Labor & Delivery
  • August - Jason Ou, CCU
  • September - Linda Bellaus, Mother Baby
  • October - Leah Jabonero, Acute Rehab
  • November - Gail Haftel, OR
  • December - Brian Lake, Emergency Department

2015 Winners 

  • January - Barbara Heruska, NICU
  • February - Matthew Redding, ED
  • March - Aaron Miller, ED
  • April - Marcia Szochet, CCU/ICU
  • May - Jody Dawkins, SCU
  • June - Pam Schulz, EDU
  • July - Hebe Tangga-an, EDU
  • August - Debra Miller, Homecare
  • September - Heather Pozzolano, Telemetry
  • October - Lorna Barron, CCU/ICU
  • November - Jennifer Onu, Telemetry
  • December - Heesoo Hong, Jim Craigie Center for Joint Replacement/Float

2014 Winners 

  • January - Andrea Lynn, Pediatrics
  • February - Laura Feiss, Homecare
  • March - Connie Johnson, Woundcare
  • April - Karen Genthner, Acute Rehab
  • May - Maria Fuhrmann, ASC
  • June - Christina Brescia, Radiology
  • July - Katherine Posch, NICU
  • August - Ahmaad Johnson, SCU
  • September - Denise Vieux-Olivier, LD
  • October - Lisa Johnson, PH-ECT
  • November - Litty Chacko, Pediatrics
  • December - Joan Marks, Homecare

2013 Winners 

  • January - Grace McDonald-Largie, RN, Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • February - Karla Weekes, RN, Float Pool
  • March - Jessica Soto, RN, Acute Care of the Elderly
  • April - Michael Katzman, Float Pool
  • May - Ann Spedding, HomeCare
  • June - Dolores Blauth, Surgical Care Unit
  • July - Christine Kelly, Mother Baby Unit
  • August - Sharon Braconi, Labor and Deliver
  • September - Mary Ann Sheerin, HomeCare
  • October - Rachel Aquino, Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit
  • November - Imelda Remolada, Princeton HomeCare
  • December - Eva Kantor, Princeton HomeCare 


2012 Winners 

  • January - James Walters, RN, J7
  • February - Ashley Edling, RN, J6
  • March - Conghuyentonny Nguyenhuong, RN, HomeCare
  • April - Lisette Winans, RN, Acute Rehabilitation
  • May - Joann Biegman, 'RN, EDU
  • June - Joan Mastrobattisk, RN, Princeton House Outpatient - Hamilton Site
  • July - Ellen Rodriquez, RN, Maternal Child Health
  • August - Britni Walton, RN, MNO 
  • September - Debbie Bryan-Taft, RN
  • October - Beth Beckett, RN
  • November - Anne Mathiews, RN
  • December - Jyotsna Patole, RN