COVID-19 Vaccine at Princeton Health

Princeton Health is pleased to be a New Jersey State Vaccination POD to support this important step in addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic.  All State Vaccine PODs are required to follow the NJ State guidelines for the phasing of individuals eligible for the vaccine which can be found here.

Important information to know before you request your appointment:

  • You must receive both vaccines at the same location as each POD will receive second doses of vaccines based on the first doses administered.
  • You must be available to return for your second vaccine within the prescribed number of days for the vaccine you receive (Pfizer 21 days, Moderna 28 days). We may not be able to tell you in advance which vaccine you will receive, so you need to plan for both possibilities.
  • You must qualify in the eligible phase before you complete a request for a vaccine appointment.  To determine if you are eligible, see the State website here.
  • If you are not currently eligible, you may register with the State here to receive notification as to when you are eligible.


For Those with an Appointment to Receive a Vaccine 

Please go to Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center Education Center, 1 Plainsboro Road in Plainsboro. At this time, all vaccine doses are being administered at this location.


For Those Interested in Receiving a Vaccine at Princeton Health

We are making adjustments to our Vaccine Scheduling process in an attempt to serve you better. Penn Medicine Princeton Health invites those who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at Princeton Health to complete a vaccine interest form. To access the form, click on the button below.


Eligibility for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Princeton Health has been designated an "Open Pod" by the State of New Jersey for the administration of COVID-19 vaccinations. This means anyone who lives, works or goes to school in New Jersey and meets the state's current eligibility criteria for COVID-19 vaccination regardless of immigration status may receive a vaccine at Princeton Health. You do not need to be a patient of Penn Medicine to utilize this interest form. To review the state's current eligibility criteria for COVID-19 vaccination, click on the button below.


Next Steps

Each week, if Princeton Health receives a COVID-19 vaccine supply from the State of New Jersey, we will contact by phone or via e-mail eligible individuals who have completed the vaccine interest form to invite them to schedule a vaccine appointment at Penn Medicine Princeton Health. 


Vaccine Availability

Due to high demand, COVID-19 vaccine supplies are limited statewide and across the nation. Each week, Princeton Health receives word from the state in regard to how many doses of the vaccine we can expect to receive to be administered the following week. Some weeks, we do not receive any vaccine supply. Appointments will be issued based on the number of doses we expect to receive. Once you are scheduled for your first dose, we anticipate having supply reserved for you for your second dose. If you've already received your first dose elsewhere, you must return to that location for your second dose. 


Timing to Receive an Invitation to Schedule

Because vaccine supply is limited and demand for COVID-19 vaccines is high, we cannot tell you exactly when you will receive an invitation to schedule after you have submitted a Vaccine Interest form. We estimate it could take weeks to months to receive an invitation to schedule a vaccine appointment at Princeton Health. We continue to encourage those interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine to register with the State of New Jersey as this provides access to register at additional vaccination sites. Click on the button below to access the state's registration website.