Step 4 Life Change

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Step 4

You’ve come a long way! You’ve had your bariatric operation and you’re recovering nicely. But as the weight comes off, you’ll need proper guidance to and motivation to make it stick for the rest of your life. You’ll find that support from our team and other bariatric patients in our support group.

Life Change is your final step in our 4 Step Process, and the beginning of a whole new you.

What is Life Change?

Life change is the process of changing and renewing your lifestyle. More specifically, you’ll be changing habits and behaviors to support your weight loss surgery over the long term. It gives us great pleasure whenever a patient succeeds with life change. With our help and ongoing support, we know you’ll be another weight loss surgery success story.

Life Change Begins…

Weight loss surgery isn’t a miracle cure. For your surgery to be a true success, it’s going to take some work on your part. This starts with learning about your long term outlook.

Step 4: Links

To be sure you don’t miss anything important, we encourage you to move through each step in the recommended order. But if you prefer to explore on your own, use the links below.