State-of-the-art Services

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The Breast Health Center provides exceptional preventive care and rapid diagnostic services to help patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer move quickly from testing to treatment.

The state-of-the-art 8,000-square foot facility includes:

  • Advanced 3D mammography, providing fast, detailed images of the breast
  • Breast ultrasounds for further evaluation of breast abnormalities
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsies and stereotactic biopsies to prompt evaluation of masses and other abnormalities
  • Coordination of follow-up consultations for surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, plastic surgery or other specialized breast-related care
  • The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey LIFE Center at PMC Breast Health Center, providing genetic counseling, risk assessment, and genetic testing (as indicated) for individuals who are concerned about their risk to develop cancer.
  • Educational services

We also provide easy, convenient access to these services at Princeton Medical Center:

  • MRI breast biopsy services
  • 3.0T MRI breast imaging capabilities

For more information or to make an appointment, call 1.609.688.2700. For our location and hours of operation, click here.