Funding Spotlight: The Value of On-the-Job

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Funding Spotlight: The Value of On-the-Job Training to PHCS Teams

Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS) employees are benefiting from a generous New Jersey Department of Labor Skills4Jersey Training Grant Program with in-kind training services valued at $90,000. This grant is being used to enhance on-the-job training of staff across the entire Princeton HealthCare System during the 2014–2015 funding cycle. The grant’s educational provider, TNT Educational Services, is offering training valued at $462,336 to a consortium of eight New Jersey employers, including PHCS.

This grant is being used to provide meaningful skills development for PHCS employees who are interested in augmenting or advancing their expertise. Instruction has focused on the following areas: computer proficiency, management and leadership skills, and behavioral health education for clinicians.

Lisa Pera, Director of Client Services/Training and Development in the PHCS Human Resources Department, described the program. “What’s really exciting is that approximately 250 employees are given access to resources that enhance their skill set. This means that they can be more efficient and effective in their current roles, which, in turn provides them with the opportunity for advancement as well as the ability to pursue new career opportunities within PHCS. Since the program began in November 2014, enrollment has been high, and employees are delighted with the training. This course series has not only been popular—but practical, hands-on, and significant.”

Funding for on-the-job skills training has been a vital way to develop our clinical and administrative teams at PHCS.

Article as seen in Foundation News Fall 2015.


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