Annual Giving Matters

Princeton HealthCare System Foundation Princeton HealthCare System Foundation

From Aberdeen to Zephyrhills, Alaska to Wyoming: no matter where our donors reside, they have made an enormous difference to our Design for Healing campaign! Although most of our patients are from the immediate area, annual giving donors span the world. We even received a gift from Modena, Italy! Each of those donations significantly contributed to our overall success. In fact, 93% of the 11,214 campaign donors made at least one gift to the Princeton HealthCare System Foundation Annual Fund; many of these donors gave first-time gifts to the Foundation. In all, more than $13 million was given to the Capital Campaign through unrestricted donations.

The largest single gift to the Annual Fund was $400,000; many were as modest as $10. Regardless of the amount, every contribution gave us reason to pause. Each gift highlighted the passion and support among our community. That so many understood the importance of the hospital and gave—through whatever means—was truly inspiring.

The Annual Giving Committee continues to plan for the future. This year, Annual Fund contributions are helping to support many worthwhile areas, such as education and training for nurses and physicians, hospice care, and health care for the uninsured or underinsured who are otherwise unable to afford care on their own. We look forward to your continuing support. Together, we can provide the critical resources needed to sustain the extraordinary care that is a hallmark of Princeton HealthCare System. 

Article as seen in Foundation News Fall 2013.