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As football legend Vince Lombardi once said, the achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of each individual. Employees of Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS) give tirelessly in their jobs, providing exceptional service and comfort for patients, both at bedside and behind the scenes. And now some are realizing that they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support PHCS and the new University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro project through philanthropy.

On May 26, a brainstorming meeting for the new Employee Giving Committee took place, gathering a group of employees willing to spread the message about the need for and gratification of donating to the hospital. One of the goals of the Committee will be to try to increase participation among PHCS employees in contributing charitable funds to PHCS.

Through a generous matching gift program that is part of a pledge from David and Patricia Atkinson, any contribution made by a hospital employee will be matched one for one, doubling its benefit.

Among the employees who turned out for the brainstorming session was Barbra Martin, LCSW, SAP, CEAP, of the Employee Assistance Program. “I was born at the hospital. My children were born there,” she said. “PHCS does a very good job with patient care and has been fair and reasonable to me as an employee, keeping my professional development always in view. I looked at donating and furnishing ideas to the Employee Giving Committee as a way to give back.”

Another member sees the Committee as a vehicle to communicate to employees future plans and developments at PHCS. Kenny Williams, a Lab/Pathology Technician, feels that “with increased information, there will be more concrete knowledge about what the new hospital will mean to the staff. That increased connection is important, especially in today’s economy,” he said.

Among various activities to raise awareness and participation, the Committee will consider raffles, basket auctions, tours of the new hospital site, and system-wide competitions and sporting events with ticket proceeds going to PHCS.

Recently, the Committee took a tour of the new hospital site, a trip which generated excitement for the progress being made—and renewed understanding of the importance of the work they are doing. “You can share your enthusiasm best when it comes from your heart,” said Ms. Martin.

Members Shown (left to right): 

  • Cheryl Gomes, Annual Giving Coordinator
  • Joanne Banner, Manager of Employee Relations
  • Vicki Meisel, RN
  • Jose Rosa, Valet Attendant
  • Miyopa Little, Senior Department Secretary
  • Amy Franco-Rodriguez, Director of Marketing & Public Affairs
  • Barbra Martin, LCS, WEAP Specialist
  • Paula Linhares, Director of Annual Giving
  • Elizabeth Mathews, Clinical Applications Analyst
  • Denise Monahan, RN
  • Julie Mathew, Associate Director of Annual Giving
  • Pam Hersh, Vice President Governmental & Community Affairs
  • Joe Stampe, Vice President of Development
  • Linda Conroy, Radiology Manager
  • Debbie Nixon, Executive Assistant
  • Karen Baylor, Certified Cardiopulmonary Technician 
  • Louise Yorke, Medical Librarian
  • Marvin Fonseca, Foreperson

Members Not Shown Include:

  • Tracy Davison-DiCanto, Director
  • Geri Karpiscak, Director
  • Barbara Stechman, Medical Technologist
  • Kenneth Williams, Pathology Technologist

Article as seen in Foundation News, Fall 2010 .