A Builder with a Heart

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One would expect industry-leading construction management expertise from Turner Construction Company, Princeton HealthCare System’s (PHCS) partner in building the new University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro. But it is an inspiring surprise to see how this nationally renowned construction company is committed to a more holistic view of its role in the future of the hospital and the region, where many of its employees and trades people work. Turner generously supports PHCS through events and galas and has become a significant corporate donor.

Thomas Reilly, Vice President and General Manager of Turner Construction, explained it this way: “We are a national builder, but our team calls New Jersey ‘home’. When we are fortunate enough to be selected by a client to manage their construction project, we like to look beyond the actual bricks and mortar of the building and ask, ‘How can we give back to the community?’ Supporting PHCS Foundation is the perfect answer to that question here because of what the end result of this project will be—a new state-of-the-art hospital.”

Turner has embraced the mission of the hospital, becoming an active supporter of fundraising events like the recent golf outing, which raised a record $125,000 for the Foundation; Art First!, where Turner donated the sculptural work of Alistair Green called “Penance”; A November Night, the gala themed in 2009 as an evening in Tangier; the Princeton HealthCare 10K Race; and the Kids Marathon.

“These events allow us to take a pause from focusing on the technical aspects of the project and get to know other people who are similarly supportive of the hospital,” said Mr. Reilly. “It gives us a way to integrate a little bit more into the hospital and Foundation family. We hope the relationship will continue many years into the future. Barry Rabner (President and Chief Executive Officer of PHCS) has created a very collaborative team, and we’re grateful to be partners with the administration, other consultants and the greater hospital community.”

Mr. Reilly views this project as special for many reasons. He said, “When I drive from our office in Somerset to the building site, I see the vast theater of people who will be served by the new hospital. I see how it will touch the lives of those we work with in New Jersey, and of their friends and family. It will be a significant economic driver for the region, too, in that more than 2,000 people will work on the site at one time or another during the life of the project. Plus, local subcontractors and suppliers are benefiting from the work, as are nearby restaurants and other small businesses that support the ongoing construction. And once the hospital is complete, these businesses will certainly continue to prosper as they serve the hospital staff and patients’ families.”

The partnership gives the leading healthcare builder in the nation an opportunity to use its expertise to excel in helping to create a state-of-the-art hospital from the ground up—something Turner will always be proud of and which will always motivate Tom Reilly and his team to give back.

Ahead of the curve

Pictured above: Thomas Reilly (left), General Manager of Turner Construction, talks with PHCS Foundation Vice President of Development Joseph Stampe about the continual progress being made on the construction site for the new hospital.

Article as seen in Foundation News, Fall 2010 .