Rummage Sale

Thank You…
To our community members for all of their donations and purchases at our Rummage Sales.  We are also deeply grateful  to the volunteers who have made the sales such a success over the years.

The Rummage Sales have provided an important source of support for our organization during its 99-year history.
This tradition is coming to an end. Today's sale (May 6, 2018) at the Princeton Airport was our last.
In recent years, we stored rummage sale items in a barn located on the main campus of Princeton House Behavioral Health and that space is now needed so that we can provide more patients with easier access to the services they need. 
Princeton House is in the process of expanding its inpatient treatment center. The expansion will provide critical resources for our community and the people we serve. However, it will also result in our losing access to the storage facility.
Thank you again to our volunteers for their dedication and their support of our mission to serve our patients.  

If you have any questions, please contact Princeton Health Community Wellness at 1.888.897.8979 or