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For those individuals traveling abroad and companies that have employees traveling abroad on work-related business or for pleasure, we offer a variety of services in the area of travel medicine. Travel physicals, various immunizations and vaccinations, and consultations are among the services offered.

With a greater amount of business being conducted internationally, the needs of our corporate clients are constantly changing. Occupational Health follows the changing conditions around the world to remain up-to-date on diseases that impact travelers. Our staff has years of training and experience in this specialty and continually monitors the conditions and requirements in other locales. If you have any questions, please call 609.853.7474 or e-mail us.

  • Travel Physicals and Immunizations — Travel physicals are conducted as the first step to ensure an individual’s health when traveling abroad. The exam includes physical, as well as a health and immunization history review, conducted by a physician. Depending on the destination, we assess the individual’s needs and offer appropriate immunizations.
  • Consultation and Information – Consultation is offered concerning possible infectious diseases at the traveler’s destination, prevention of those diseases and other aspects of safe and healthy travel.
  • Yellow Fever Center — Princeton Medical Center is a Certified Yellow Fever Center, and our physicians follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for business and personal travel. Yellow Fever vaccination is recommended (and sometimes required) for travel in many South American and African countries.
  • Tuberculosis Screening (PPD)Some areas in the world may require evidence of recent negative tuberculosis screening prior to entry or for extended stays.
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations — Occupational Health consults with you to determine workplace and business travel immunization and testing needs. We may provide the following immunizations: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, immune globulin, influenza, Japanese encephalitis, malaria, meningitis, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), polio, rabies, tetanus, tuberculosis, typhoid, varicella (chickenpox) and yellow fever.

Don't wait to schedule your immunizations. It is important to schedule your immunization(s) as soon as possible. Some immunizations must be given two to four weeks prior to your departure date ensuring a proper response time for immunity. For an appointment in our Plainsboro office, please call 609.853.7474. For an appointment in our Monroe office, please call 609.395.3021.

For your convenience, we offer some vaccinations at your worksite. Please call Occupational Health for more information.

For information, please call 609.853.7474.