Drug & Alcohol Screening Program

Occupational Health Occupational Health

Occupational Health offers a complete drug (urine) and alcohol (breath) screening program. This nationwide program includes pre-employment screening, random testing, Department of Transportation compliance, MRO services, employee assistance programs, counseling, evaluation and training. After-hours services are available through PMC's Center for Emergency Care. On-site testing is available for groups of 10 or more.

  • Full-service DOT and non-DOT urine drug screening and collection services
  • Full-service DOT and non-DOT breath alcohol screenings
  • Post-accident and "with cause" screening for suspicion
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) service — physician's review and interpretation of drug screen results
  • Student urine drug screening as per New Jersey state law
  • Randomization services
  • On-site drug screening
  • After-hours testing available in Emergency Department
  • Experienced physicians and staff
  • Counseling, evaluation and training
  • Availability of the Princeton Employee Assistance Program
  • Drug screen consultation
  • Substance abuse consultations and training for supervisors and employees to meet DOT requirements

If you have any questions concerning our services, please call 609.853.7474 or e-mail us.