JoAnn Heffernan Heisen Infusion Therapy Suite

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The JoAnn Heffernan Heisen Infusion Therapy Suite, which faces the serene Punia Family Healing Garden, features 19 individual infusion treatment stations in a community setting with privately controlled heat and built-in massage, plus two private rooms.

For more information about infusion therapy at the Penn Medicine Princeton Cancer Center, call 1.888.742.7496.
joann heffernan heisen infusion therapy suite
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Infusion pod

safety and privacy

Accommodates 19 patients in a semi-private setting, generally featuring "pods" of four. These grouped stations provide for efficient staffing, patient safety and privacy. 
Healing garden view from Infusion stations

Views to healing garden

Infusion stations can be oriented toward window wall overlooking healing garden, allowing nature views and the maximum amount of daylight into the space. Ample room for a guest. 
Built-in massage and heat on each chair

Built-in comfort in each chair

Each chair is equipped with built-in massage and heat - all at the patients' fingertips - for comfort during sometimes lengthy procedures. Patient can control lighting and entertainment from their chair.
Infusion suite is based on an open room design

Open Room Design

Suite is based on an open room design, with a central nurse station that overlooks the entire space for advantages in clinical supervision.
Individual rooms available in the Infusion suite

individual rooms if needed

Includes two individual rooms for patients who prefer privacy or require it because of their medical condition(s).
Pharmacy located in the Infusion suite

convenient Pharmacy onsite

Pharmacy located in the infusion suite.