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Nurse Navigator

All patients at Penn Medicine Princeton Cancer Center are offered complimentary nurse navigation services. The role of the nurse navigator is to ease the way through cancer treatment for both you and your family.

The nurse navigator is an experienced registered nurse who is certified in the care and support of cancer patients and their families. The nurse navigator is a single point of contact, available to you throughout your cancer journey. From diagnosis to survivorship, the navigator will act as your educator and advocate and is dedicated to helping you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. 

The navigator’s goal is to help you every step of the way: 

  • Coordinate testing and consultation appointments. 
  • Work with your care providers to ensure that information is current and understood by the entire multidisciplinary team.
  • Meet with you and your family to review diagnosis and treatment options presented by your doctors.
  • Explain medical terms and procedures to promote understanding and informed decision making throughout the course of treatment and after.
  • Assist with coordinating appointments and follow-up care to facilitate completion of the recommended treatment plan.
  • Help you and your family connect with the cancer center, community, and national resources.
  • Support you and your family through emotional decisions.

To reach a nurse navigator:
For general cancer care: 609.853.6790 or 609.853.6787
For breast cancer care: 609.688.2714


Our Nurse Navigator can help connect you to the services you need:

  • Consultation with surgical, medical, and radiation providers
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Home Care
  • Hospice
  • Lymphedema Evaluation and Treatment
  • Oncology Financial Navigator
  • Oncology Social Worker/Counseling
  • Oncology Trials
  • Palliative Care
  • Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Second Opinion Appointments
  • Transportation Resources


Survivorship and Wellness Navigator

The overall goal of our adult cancer survivorship program is to help patient’s transition from cancer diagnosis to wellness. Patients completing cancer treatment receive an individualized Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan that outlines their cancer history, providing important details about their diagnosis and treatment, as well as strategies to optimize overall health and wellness.

Our survivorship and wellness navigator:

  • Provides you with a better understanding of the cancer treatment that you received and the common short- and long-term side effects of treatment, with strategies for managing these effects.
  • Offers education and guidance on programs that can help decrease your risk of recurrence and improve quality of life and overall health.
  • Addresses concerns like nutrition, pain management, mental health, and financial issues by providing referrals to specialists as well as local and national resources.
  • Ensures that your cancer care team and primary care physician receive your Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan to promote optimal communication between your healthcare team.

The survivorship and wellness navigator can be reached Monday through Friday at 609.853.6787.

Oncology Financial Navigator

The Princeton Health Cancer Center recognizes that a cancer diagnosis touches every aspect of your life. The oncology financial navigator is specially-trained and available to provide one-on-one counseling for a range of financial needs, from credit issues and bill paying, to understanding insurance benefits or applying for insurance, to prescription drug assistance, disability, and COBRA. The financial navigator can be reached Monday through Friday at 609.853.6793.

Oncology Social Worker

The oncology social worker provides psychosocial services to cancer patients and their families. Our oncology social worker is available to provide education about how to talk with family members, friends, and children about cancer and how to navigate the healthcare system. She works with our nurse navigators to assist with practical needs such as transportation, finances, and other community resources. The oncology social worker plays an important part in assisting patients and families along the continuum of care—from the concerns associated with a new diagnosis or recurrence, to pivotal treatment decisions, and after-care decisions. The oncology social worker can be reached at 609.853.6793.