Planning for Treatment

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preparing for treatment

Entering treatment can be a stressful time for many patients. To ease this transition, we provide a welcoming orientation for each patient, including a tour of our facility and an introduction to other patients. Introductions are often made at mealtimes or during community meetings, when patients have time to talk and learn more about one another.

Patients in our Inpatient Program are encouraged to bring favorite pillows, bedding and other personal items from home to decorate their rooms. You can review our checklist for more details on what to bring.

While treatment activities are scheduled throughout the day, adults will also have personal time and the use of laptops is permitted during these times. To keep school-aged patients on track with their school work, individual tutoring with certified teachers and workspaces with computer access are available in our dedicated classroom.

As many of our patients come from out of state, travel or hotel information may be needed. For assistance, call us at 609.853.7575 (toll-free at 877.932.8935). Our staff will work with families to accommodate their scheduling needs.