Inpatient Program

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Our Inpatient Program features around-the-clock nursing care and access to specialists, including medical care for co-existing conditions our patients may have.

Therapy includes:

  • Daily individual psychotherapy sessions with a board certified psychiatrist and psychotherapy sessions five times a week with a doctoral or master’s level therapist, allowing patients to identify and manage unique issues that impact their recovery
  • Daily group psychotherapy sessions, providing a therapeutic community in which patients can express their feelings and learn from others
  • Family therapy sessions, held weekly or more frequently according to the needs of each family


Nutrition counseling is another essential part of the program, as are a wide range of nutrition therapy services designed to help patients develop healthier relationships with food. Our patients may take an active role in menu planning, participate in experiential nutrition activities and attend nutrition education groups. Patients also have individual counseling with one of our registered dietitians throughout their treatment. Mealtime support is offered during every meal, and a relaxing atmosphere is promoted to help decrease anxiety associated with eating. Kosher and vegetarian meal options are available. 

Other therapeutic components include:

  • Stress-reducing activities that contribute to healing, such as yoga and relaxation training
  • Expressive groups, such as art and music
  • Skills-based groups, such as mindfulness and emotion regulation

To keep students on track with their school work, individual tutoring with certified teachers and workspaces with computer access are available in our dedicated classroom.

Group therapy session at the Center for Eating Disorders

"I have...

... moved miles while being a part of this program, and I feel like a new person, rejuvenated and focused. All of the elements work together, in a perfect balance, to push me toward hope and health, at the perfect, comfortable pace. I am beyond thankful." — Anonymous Patient