Dementia Care Videos

This video series will walk you through dementia care with insights and guidance from healthcare professionals shared along the way.

Introduction to Dementia Care

Preparing to Speak with the Doctor

Learn about the role of a “hospitalist” and what you can expect in your conversation with the medical team.

Types of Dementia

Learn about the different types of dementia to better understand what your loved one is experiencing.

Prognoses in Dementia Care

Learn how understanding the prognosis can help you make informed decisions for your loved one.

How to Make Medical Decisions for a Loved One

Learn how to make the best possible decision for a loved one with dementia.

The POLST Form for Healthcare Preferences

Learn about the Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Form, a powerful tool to insure healthcare preferences are honored.

Artificial Nutrition in Late Stage Dementia

Learn about the benefits of artificial nutrition for loved ones living with dementia.

Resources for Caregivers

Learn how caregiving can impact your own health and available resources that may be of assistance.