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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) with Penn Medicine Princeton Health

Description of CPE

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a program in which seminarians, clergy, and some qualified lay-people provide spiritual care to patients, their families, and staff in an institution, as well as engage in an "action-reflection-new action" model of learning.

In CPE, each student engages in an educational process with a peer group of 4-8 students and a CPE supervisor/educator, as well as in individual supervision with their supervisor/educator.

This educational offering is professional education for ministry and is clinical education that counts toward Master of Divinity degree programs at seminaries and divinity schools.



Our CPE program is specifically focused on learning to provide person-centered, multi-faith care of the soul, which includes daily chapel services that represent a variety of faith traditions—Judaism, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Within Penn Medicine Princeton Health's CPE program, clinical placements are available at the Princeton Medical Center and Princeton House Behavioral Health (in-patient and out-patient).

We currently have four CPE offerings:

  1. A 12-week, full-time summer unit (1 unit of CPE) beginning the first week of June
  2. A part-time, academic year unit, typically ~35 weeks (1 unit of CPE) beginning early to mid-September
  3. A 52-week, full-time residency (3 units of CPE) beginning early to mid-September
  4. Certified Educator CPE (as available)

Each unit of CPE includes 300+ hours of patient care, 100+ educational hours, occasional worship leadership at the Princeton Medical Center and Princeton House Behavioral Health, and occasional on-call coverage. Each student will serve as the primary chaplain on one or two units and participate as part of the multi-disciplinary team.


Application Process, Tuition, and Benefits

To submit an application, first download a CPE application from the ACPE website ( Then, email your completed application to:

An interview will be scheduled as space is available in the program. Admissions occur on a rolling basis.

Our un-paid internship is 1 unit of CPE. Tuition for the internship is $750. A deposit of $150 is required at acceptance into the program.

Summer applications typically are received in October through December.

Academic year applications are typically received December through February.

Our residency consists of 3 units of CPE and offers a stipend of ~$37k in addition to Penn Medicine Princeton Health employee benefits. There is no tuition for the residency. Applications for the residency are typically received from January through April. Initial screenings typically occur in February and March while final interviews typically occur in April.

Residency applicants should first apply through Penn Medicine Princeton Health. Check Penn’s career website for Chaplain Resident – (Plainsboro) posting. then send the ACPE application to

If you are interested in Certified Educator CPE, you may inquire with Rev. Rhodes at When employed Certified Educator CPE positions are open, they will be advertised. Sometimes volunteer opportunities in this program may be available. One must first complete an application with the ACPE national office before one may apply to a Certified Educator CPE program.

Penn Medicine Princeton Health's CPE program is an ACPE Accredited Center. We offer Level 1, Level 2, and Certified Educator CPE.

ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education
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Atlanta, GA 30308