90 Day PPE Emergency Relief Fund

Princeton HealthCare System Foundation Princeton HealthCare System Foundation
Penn Medicine Princeton Health Foundation has created a COVID-19 Emergency Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Fund that will be used to help procure a 90-day PPE supply. This supply will supplement our inventory for routine operations and be set aside for emergency use in the event a new surge occurs and the main PPE inventory has been depleted.

PPE Includes: 

  • N95 Masks, Face Shields, Gloves, Isolation and Surgical Gowns, Sanitizers and Similar Items

This additional inventory is a critical component of Penn Medicine Princeton Health’s resurgence plan and prepares us for any future COVID-19 outbreaks or other potential health crises in which an unusually high volume of PPE may be needed.  Having access to an adequate supply of PPE is essential to our ability to continue to safely treat COVID-19 patients while protecting our caregivers.


Like all hospitals throughout the country, Princeton Medical Center experienced PPE shortages in the first few months of the pandemic. We took immediate steps to safely preserve and recycle our existing supply, but even with these strategies in place, during the peak of the crisis there were a number of days when we were at risk of not having enough PPE, putting our staff and patients at increased risk of transmission. 


Today while the number of COVID cases is significantly decreasing, our PPE usage continues to be at a higher than normal level because the virus is still prevalent and highly contagious. And, we continue to approach every patient encounter and staff interaction with extreme caution.  At a minimum, we require everyone who enters any of our buildings—from employees, physicians, visitors, vendors and patients— to wear masks; and when treating Covid-19, or even suspected Covid-19, patients all clinicians and staff must be in full PPE at every interaction.  This improves safety but further strains our PPE inventory.

Even in this most difficult of times, Princeton Medical Center’s health professionals put their patients first. They improvised when needed or put creative practices in place to minimize risk and exposure while still providing exceptional patient care.  We’re proud of their heroic efforts and have an obligation to keep them and our community safe.

Please click here to support this initiative or contact us at PMPH-Foundation@PennMedicine.upenn.edu.