Our Youngest Philanthropists in Action

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Youngest Philanthropists Collage

We were especially touched by the number of students of all ages in our community who wanted to show their support. 

Tony Wang (shown bottom left), a 7th grader at Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart saw a need for PPE and used his money to help purchase over 10,000 surgical masks for our staff and patients. Tony wrote to us, "I know my dad had been looking for the way to purchase PPE and so I gave him all my money which I earned from my Chinese Culture Class. My parents always encourage me to spend my money to help people, and I think this time they are going to the right place." 

Unnat Chatwal (shown top right), an 8th grade student at Monroe Township Middle School donated healthy snacks and drinks for staff; 10-year-old Madelyn McCarthy (shown bottom right) used her creativity to commission and sell art work to family and friends to raise money to benefit COVID-19 patients; 

Another group of students started D.O.N.A.T.E (an acronym for “DONORS like you can make a difference, ON a cause to fight Coronavirus. NEVER question numbers; A little donation will grow and grow, TO help those who need it. Thanks for your ENTHUSIASM!”) to raise funds to benefit the hospital and our patients.  (shown above in the group photo).   

Max Gertsman (shown top left) is 12 years old, resides in Robbinsville and will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this coming November at Beth El Synagogue in East Windsor, NJ. The past 9+ weeks of sheltering in place with his family, he has seen how hard the medical workers, EMS, and hospital staff are working for all of us.  Max said, "They are the REAL heroes." 

So for his for Bar Mitzvah project, Max decided to make “Max’s Snacks for Heroes”.  His goal was to prepare 1,000 snack bags, to be distributed to these heroes serving the Central New Jersey community to help them through their long shifts. 

These are just some of the youth that have helped in the fight against COVID-19. Their kindness and service are inspiring and serve as a model for future young philanthropists. 



Article as seen in Foundation News  Summer 2020.


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