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Every donor who makes a gift to Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS) has a reason for giving. We give for many reasons, whether it is in honor of a doctor who provided superior care, in memory of a loved one, or because we believe in the greater good and advancement of the community.

Recognizing donors for their philanthropic support is something that PHCS Foundation strives to accomplish well. The tools we use to thank our donors include printed publications, donor walls, plaques, and even a "Digital Recognition" interactive monitor, which is prominently located south of the Chapel, in the main north-south concourse leading from the main hospital to the Medical Arts Pavilion.

We are excited to announce that our Digital Recognition display now features on its homepage 21 physicians and physician groups who participated in the Doctor, Donor, Believer ad series (2010-2013). The series featured individual physicians and medical groups who donated $25,000 or more to the Design for Healing campaign. The interactive screen highlights these physicians and groups in a revolving slide show.

The following physicians and physician groups have participated in the Doctor, Donor, Believer ad series.

Individual Physicians
 M. Darryl Antonacci, MD, FACS  Steven P. Kahn, MD, FACS
 William P. Burks, MD, FACS  Elliot Krauss, MD
 Donald F. Denny, Jr., MD  Fraser Lewis, MD, FACOG
 Rachel P. Dultz, MD, FACS  Ronald G. Nahass, MD, FACP, FIDSA
 Howard Stephen Farmer, MD, FACS  Robert Pickens, MD, FACS
 Art Fein, MD  Michael Ruddy, MD, FACP
 Craig Gronczewski, MD  Linda F. Sieglen, MD
 W. Thomas Gutowski, MD, FAAOS  Harvey Smires, MD, FAAOS
 Jason M. Hollander, MD  Peter I. Yi, MD


Physician Groups
 Healthy Kids Pediatric Group  Princeton Anesthesia
 Princeton Eye Group  Princeton Radiology Associates, PA
 Urology Group of Princeton  

While you are at the University Medical Center of Princeton, we welcome you to peruse our interactive digital display by touching the screen to begin your journey. For many of our donors, you can touch their names on the display to learn more about them. You can also press the "Donors" button to view our comprehensive list of donors who provided support with gifts of $10,000 or more, as well as use the "Opportunities" and "Explore" buttons to discover other funding possibilities throughout the campus.

Gifts from our donors have allowed us to build this outstanding facility, expand several key programs, and purchase the most advanced medical equipment available. While we celebrate our success, we understand that our work is never finished. We are thankful for the physicians and physician practices that continue to support PHCS.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Digital Recognition, please contact Kristen Magro at 609.252.8711 or