Nursing Research Council

About the Nursing Research Council (NRC)

The NRC will provide a forum to assist nurses in their understanding of evidence-based practice and clinical practice guidelines through the following:

  • Promote the conduct of nursing research
  • Facilitate networking among nurse researchers
  • Provide mechanisms for dissemination of information regarding research methods and findings
  • Foster the utilization of research findings
  • Encourage socialization and prepare students and new investigators for the role of nurse researcher
  • Promote the development of resources available to nursing researchers
  • Promote the image of nursing as a scientific discipline 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Research Council (NRC) is to educate and mentor nurses and nursing students in their understanding of clinical research and evidence-based practice.  The NRC assists to facilitate the integration of research in the clinical setting, translate evidence-based practice into clinical practice and facilitate conducting nursing research. 

Our Mission

The Nursing Research Council (NRC) supports clinical research efforts and utilization to establish a scientific base for the care of individuals across the lifespan—from management of patients during illness and recovery to the reduction of risks for disease and disability and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. 

Our Goal

The goal of the Nursing Research Council is the dissemination of information, to advance knowledge related to the research process, to support a culture of research, and finally, to affect care at the bedside.  The dissemination of knowledge will educate nurses regarding the research process, promote ongoing endeavors, communicate findings, and ultimately transform care at the bedside to improve patient outcomes.

  • Dissemination of knowledge related to research

  • Support a culture of research on ongoing endeavors

  • Dissemination of research findings

  • Transforming care at the bedside

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