Vaccine Availability FAQs


Q. How can I sign up for a COVID-19 vaccination?

A. All New Jersey residents, regardless of eligibility, may register for the vaccine at New Jersey has more than 1,000 vaccination sites across the state, including Princeton Health, and registering through that central website will offer the greatest chance of being scheduled in a timely manner.

For the latest information on who is eligible to receive a vaccination, visit the New Jersey Department of Health website here.

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Q. I want to schedule my vaccination at Princeton Medical Center. How can I do that?

A. PMC no longer hosts on-site vaccine clinics. When the COVID-19 vaccines were first approved, very few places were equipped to properly handle and administer the vaccines. The on-site clinics at PMC were established temporarily to fill an urgent need for our staff, physicians, and community members.

Today, thankfully, our community has many local pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and public health agencies that provide vaccinations, and the on-site clinic at PMC is no longer necessary. Penn Medicine Princeton Health staff will continue to provide off-site clinics in our community, attempting to make vaccination more accessible to underserved populations.

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Q. Where can I learn more about whether the vaccine is safe and effective?

A. Please visit

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Q. How do I access my vaccine records?

A. If you no longer have your vaccination card or you have lost it, you can easily access your vaccination record through the Docket app from the NJ Department of Health to provide proof of COVID-19 immunizations as needed. For more information on this app and how to download, visit If you need to update your information to access docket and your received any of your vaccines at a Penn Medicine Princeton Health facility, please email


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