Getting Reading for Your Sleep Study

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Scheduling a Sleep Study

To schedule an overnight sleep study at Princeton Medical Center Sleep Center, please call 609.497.4040. You must have a doctor's referral before calling. If you are a patient of one of the board certified physicians who see patients on site in the PMC Sleep Center's clinic, you may schedule a sleep study at the time of your visit.

Prior to arriving at the hospital

Do not use tranquilizers or stimulants on the day of your study unless instructed to do so by your physician. Sleeping medications prescribed by your physician may be taken before the sleep study, provided that prior arrangements have been made for you to be transported home. You may take other prescription medications, unless you have been specifically directed otherwise. Bring any medication that you may need while you are at the Sleep Center (including aspirin or antacids).

Do not take any naps on the day of your study.

Please have dinner prior to coming to the hospital. A refrigerator is available in each bedroom. If you have any special dietary requirements, please bring necessary food items with you. Please try not to drink alcoholic beverages or caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea or cola on the day of your test. You may have your usual "first morning cup of coffee."

You must bring a prescription for your sleep study with you on the day of your study. Please obtain a prescription from your referring physician and a referral, if necessary. You will not be admitted to the hospital without a prescription. Some insurance companies may also require preauthorization and/or a referral for this study in addition to a prescription. It is the patient's responsibility to contact the insurance company or referring doctor's office to obtain any preauthorization number that may be required.

Please shower and shampoo prior to coming to the sleep lab. Please be sure your hair is clean and free of gels, lotions, oils or sprays. Please do not wear makeup. We ask that men please shave before coming to the center, as some sensors will be placed on the chin. We can, however, make adjustments to the placement of the sensors for men who have beards they do not wish to shave.

At the hospital

The test will be performed at Princeton Medical Center in the Medical Arts Pavilion. For directions and parking information, click here.

Bring loose, comfortable sleeping attire. It is not necessary to purchase pajamas; a pair of jogging shorts and a T-shirt are appropriate. If long sweatpants are worn, please be sure the legs are loose and the elastic at the ankle is not too binding. Please refrain from being unclothed during testing.

You may shower the morning after your study. Please bring your own personal toiletries (such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) and a change of clothes for the next day. Patients intending to go to work directly after testing will need to shower, as residue from the sensors will necessitate the shampooing of your hair.

Bring your own pillow or any other items that will help you sleep more comfortably. Pillows and blankets are provided if you forget yours.

If you have further questions, please call the Sleep Center at 609.853.7520 Monday through Friday during normal business hours. After hours, you may leave a message on our answering machine and we will return your call on the next business day.