Princeton Employee Assistance Program

These are unprecedented times. Many employees are caring for family members, many of whom are at home and require support, while trying to remain productive at work. Employees are tasked with having to navigate the challenges of living life during a pandemic. These are demanding and stressful times.

Penn Medicine Princeton Employee Assistance Program (EAP) understands this and is committed to providing “gold standard” services to help support the needs of your workforce so they can stay focused and productive. EAP provides a wide variety of services including highly skilled and dedicated licensed counselors that are available to meet with your employees and their adult household members. 

EAP’s goal is to help improve and maintain productivity and healthy functioning in the workplace and address specific personnel issues through video telehealth counseling. When it is safe, face-to-face counseling will be available. All contact with the EAP program is completely confidential and free of charge to the employee.

Penn Medicine Princeton Employee Assistance Program offers support for employees in resolving issues including, but not limited to:

  • Work-related stress
  • Alcohol and/or drug problems
  • Mental health and emotional concerns
  • Legal and financial issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress management

Benefits for the organization:

  • Demonstrated increased productivity at work
  • Employees that feel supported and cared for by their employer
  • Reduced lost time related to employee problems
  • Assistance to leadership in managing employee when problems affect their work
  • Shared behavioral health risk

The Employee Assistance Program offers a full array of work/life services including a member portal which allows 24/7 access to thousands of up-to-date, topic-related articles, videos, podcasts, calculators, webinars and worksheets related to: Financial & Legal Family & Education Health & Wellness Career & Military, Everyday Living & more. Click here for more information about Work/Life services.

If you are an employer and would like to learn more about our Employee Assistance Program, please contact Susan Weinstein, EAP Manager at 609.688.3212 or

If you are an employee and are currently covered under Princeton EAP, feel free to call 1.800.527.0035 to speak with a clinician. All contact with the EAP program is confidential.

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