Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

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Cardiac Catheterization

Princeton Medical Center's (PMC) fully digital cardiac catheterization laboratory is dedicated to providing prompt and accurate diagnosis of heart problems such as muscle or structural defects and clogged blood vessels. The use of digital imaging ensures the capture of high-quality images while dramatically reducing the amount of radiation exposure.

During a cardiac catheterization procedure, a long, flexible tube is gently guided through your blood vessels toward your heart. Once it is in place, X-rays and other tests are performed to help your physician evaluate how well your heart is working. New, state-of-the-art digital technology provides even higher quality images and advanced treatment for emergency angioplasties and diagnosis of a variety of cardiac-related problems. 

Cardiac catheterizations at PMC are performed by board certified cardiologists, who are assisted by skilled technical and nursing personnel.

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The Cardiac Catheterization Lab at PMC features:

  • Fully digital equipment and technology
  • High-resolution monitors, state-of-the-art procedure lighting and streamlined overhead equipment
  • Control room for hemodynamic cardiac monitoring and analysis of parameters, as well as documentation of procedures at the point of care

 For more information about PMC Cardiac Catheterization, please call 609.853.6220, or for assistance with finding a cardiologist, please call 1.888.742.7496.