Pastoral Care/Religious Ministries

Faith as a Resource

The chaplains of Princeton HealthCare System are available to patients, families and friends from all faiths and to those with no religious affiliation at all. Whether you have a religious background or not, we will offer you an attentive ear to listen to what you are going through and help you explore how your hospitalization affects your life. If you would like one of our chaplains to stop by your room for a visit, please contact us. We would be happy to do so. You may ask your nurse to contact us or you may call our office directly at 609.853.6020.

The Chaplaincy

The mission of the department of Religious Ministries is to attend to spiritual and religious concerns and to offer comfort and support to the patients, families of patients, staff and physicians of Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS).

Our goal is to offer quality pastoral care that is appropriate, interfaith, accessible and integrated with the care offered by other members of the healthcare team.

The chaplaincy seeks to address the spiritual needs of people of various religious traditions, as well as those who neither have, nor desire, any formal religious association.

When a patient has an ongoing relationship with a local congregation, the chaplaincy serves as a link between the patient, the HealthCare System and their congregation.

The Chapel of Light

chapel full

The Chapel of Light, pictured above, is supported in part by a generous donation from Robert and Leslie Doll.

The Chapel of Light is located on the first floor of University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro (UMCPP). The chapel is always open for you or your visitors as a place for prayer, meditation and reflection. There is a book in the chapel where requests for prayers may be written. On Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. there is a Christian service of worship in the chapel. Services are also held in observance of special holidays. To learn more about the Chapel of Light, click here.

Contacting Your Clergy

If desired, our chaplaincy office will contact your faith community or other place of worship. We make this notification only with your permission. Please call us at 609.853.6020 if you would like this service. Roman Catholic priests can be reached for response to urgent needs. Rabbis are available by request. An Imam or Hindu visitor can be contacted on your behalf.

Communion for Roman Catholics is available seven days a week.

For more information about the Religious Ministries Department at PHCS, call 609.853.6020.

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