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Easing Emergency Room Visits for Children -and Their Parents

Jul 1, 2014

For parents and children alike, a visit to the emergency department can be a scary experience. But thanks to a partnership between University Medical Center of Princeton (UMCP) and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), families facing a pediatric emergency can breathe a little easier.

A Pediatrician On Site
In addition to UMCP’s skilled clinical team—which includes board certified ER physicians, specially trained physician assistants and registered nurses—patients will find a CHOP hospitalist on site 24/7.

“A pediatrician is always in house,” notes Alicia Brennan, MD, Medical Director of CHOP Newborn & Pediatric Care at UMCP. And that’s important, she says, because “pediatrics is different from adult medicine.” CHOP’s pediatricians bring with them not just an expertise in diagnosing and treating children, but experience in caring for children and their families.

A Team of Specialists
In addition to pediatricians on site, ER doctors have prompt, easy access to CHOP doctors in a wide variety of specialties, so they can consult with them about their young patients. This helps to ensure that infants, children and adolescents receive exceptional care during and after their emergency room visit.

CHOP pediatricians work closely with UMCP’s skilled clinical team that includes board certified Emergency Medicine physicians and specially trained physician assistants and nurses. And because UMCP’s emergency department treats some 8,000 pediatric patients every year, all doctors on staff—whether affiliated with the medical center or CHOP—are highly sensitive to the needs of children and their families.

Excelling in Patient Care
For years, UMCP’s Center for Emergency Care has received patient satisfaction scores that are among the highest in New Jersey, and since 2009, its partnership with CHOP—a world leader in pediatric medicine and research—has served to enhance the center’s reputation among patients at every stage of life.

“We now have a team of ER physicians and pediatricians involved in emergency care whose skill sets complement one another,” says Craig Gronczewski, MD, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at UMCP and board certified in Emergency Medicine. It’s a relationship, he notes, that “has allowed us to offer a more robust and in-depth workup for all the children who need us.”

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