Web Chat—When Someone You Love Has Mental Illness: How to Help

Dec 18, 2012

In the wake of last week’s tragedy in Connecticut, Madhurani Khare, MD, of Princeton House Behavioral Health will host a Web chat at noon on Thursday, December 20, to discuss mental health issues.

Dr. Khare, double board certified in general psychiatry and adolescent and child psychiatry, will take questions from a live Internet audience following a presentation that will focus on topics such as:

  • Recognizing signs that you or someone else may need help
  • Where to find help
  • How to encourage family and friends to seek help when needed
  • The stigma attached to mental illness in our society

To participate in the Web chat, visit the Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS) USTREAM channel at on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Click here for a tutorial on how to participate in USTREAM Web chats.

To pre-register, call (888) 897-8979 or visit

Viewers will be able to ask questions during the Web chat. Questions may also be submitted in advance via email to