Route One Traffic Circulation Update

Aug 2, 2012
On August 4, 2012, the traffic circulation on Route One in West Windsor will be changing with the goal of improving mobility on Route One.

The jughandle movements at Washington Road, Fisher Place and Harrison Street are being eliminated. This change will impact only those drivers traveling on Route One north who are trying to get into Princeton or trying to make a U-turn on Route One. Drivers coming north on Route One will have to use Alexander Road or Scudders Mill Road overpasses to come into Princeton.

This change will have no impact on patients or employees coming to University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro from any direction. Drivers coming from the west still will be able to go left onto Route One from Washington Road and from Harrison Street to get to Plainsboro. Drivers coming to the hospital from the north, south or east also will experience no change in their traffic patterns.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation will be testing this new road configuration for three months. It is anticipated that elimination of the jughandle movement will create better traffic flow on Route One.

NJDOT will have an extensive monitoring system in place and will be ready to abandon the program if it results in severe congestion on the access roads into Princeton.