Princeton House Behavioral Health Expands Young Adult Program

Mar 12, 2012

For young adults dealing with behavioral health or substance abuse issues, just knowing that they're not alone in the struggle can be a significant help.

This is part of the philosophy behind the Young Adult Program, a pioneering service offered by Princeton House Behavioral Health (PHBH) for men and women ages 18 to mid-20s.

The program was initiated last year at PHBH's North Brunswick outpatient site and recently expanded to the outpatient site on Mount Lucas Road in Princeton.

The program includes coping and life-skills training, creative arts therapy, and group psychotherapy, with individual sessions provided as needed. The program also stresses active family involvement.

"Patients in this age group respond well to group therapy," said Beverly Andres, Primary Therapist for the Young Adult Program at Mount Lucas. "This is a time of life when people are dealing with identity formation, separation from their families, and college or work issues. It helps to see that others are going through it, too."

The patients also benefit from being exclusively with their peers, Andres said, because their common life experiences are so different from older adults.

"With young people, there is a tendency to feel that what is happening now is going to last forever," Andres said. "The great thing about our program is that the young adults get to see first-hand that things get better. They see that people can work through these issues, and they can get back to school or back to work."

The Young Adult Program is available at the Partial Hospital level of care (five full days per week) or Intensive Outpatient level of care (three to five half-days weekly).

PHBH accepts referrals from hospitals, other outpatient providers, and local colleges. Young adults and family members can also seek admission on their own.

When it was launched last summer, the program was the first in New Jersey to be designed exclusively for young adults.

Most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid. To make a referral, call (888) 437-1610.

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