Princeton House Behavioral Health Launches Young Adult Program

Sep 7, 2011

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Princeton House Behavioral Health (PHBH) has launched a new program for young adults who need behavioral health or substance abuse treatment.

The Young Adult Program, designed for men and women ages 18 to mid-20s, is available on a partial hospital or intensive outpatient basis at the PHBH North Brunswick Outpatient Site.

“The program is the first of its kind in New Jersey,” said Tanya Kero, LCSW, Clinical Coordinator of the North Brunswick Outpatient Site. “Young adults in this program will include those with psychiatric diagnoses, substance abuse issues or both.”

“Traditionally, this population tends to be resistant to treatment,” said David Cordon, MD, Medical Director. “In group settings, it’s difficult for young adults to relate to older patients because they have such different experiences and different life stressors.”

Young adults, for example, often are dealing with difficulties related to college, starting a career, or handling independence for the first time.

“When creating the curriculum for the program, the focus was on a variety of age-appropriate topics and specialized concerns,” said Nicole Tango, LAC, Primary Therapist for the Young Adult Program. Group therapy – which includes coping and life-skills training and creative arts therapy – also will specialize in topics such as school, work, relationship, substance abuse and other issues facing young adults.

In addition to group therapy, patients have individual sessions when indicated. The program also stresses family involvement.

The Young Adult Program is the latest specialized offering by Princeton House. Previously, Princeton House has launched programs tailored to older adults, children, adolescents, women, and, most recently, men experiencing difficulty functioning due to past traumatic events.

The new Young Adult program opened this summer and quickly gained a full complement of patients, affirming the need for the specialized program, Dr. Cordon said.

Princeton House will work with hospitals, other outpatient providers, and local colleges to seek out young adults who are appropriate for the program. In addition to professionals, patients can refer themselves. For more information, call (732) 729-3636 or visit