PHCS to Provide Healthy Body/Minds Program for Students at Littlebrook School

Jan 13, 2011

PRINCETON, N.J. (January 13, 2011) - From Kindergarteners doing yoga to 5th Graders learning CPR, students at Littlebrook School will engage in a wide array of activities promoting health and safety as part of a residency program presented by Princeton HealthCare System (PCHS).

The activities, designed and delivered by healthcare professionals for the PHCS Community Education & Outreach Program, will run from Tuesday, January 18, through Tuesday, February 1.

Littlebrook School's residency program is an annual offering intended to give students an enriched, interactive learning experience. This year's theme - Healthy Body/Minds - was a perfect fit for PHCS, which already provides child-specific programming on health and safety in the community.

"Every school year, Littlebrook's PTO sponsors a residency that brings artists, authors, scientists, or mathematicians to school to bring real-world experiences to our students," said Littlebrook School Principal Anna Gonzalez Kosek. "We are delighted this year to work with Princeton HealthCare System's medical professionals. Wellness is an important component of our curriculum. We teach children how to keep their bodies and their minds strong. This residency is exactly what we hoped for this year."

"Princeton HealthCare System is dedicated to promoting healthy living at every stage of life," said Debbie Millar, RN, Site Director for the Community Education & Outreach Program. "We offer the separate sessions of this program in the community, but we are very happy to be able to provide a comprehensive program to Littlebrook's students."

For the most part, students in every grade will engage in the same activities, with one notable exception. The 5th Grade class will be taught Adult CPR for Family and Friends, while the presentation for students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 will be more general.

The students in Grades K-4 will rotate between four stations: calling 911; airway obstruction; basic first aid; and tours of an ambulance and police car. Representatives of Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad and the Princeton Township Police Department will provide the vehicle tours.

Other lessons will be provided to every student, with some differences appropriate to grade level. These activities include separate 45-minute to one-hour sessions on yoga, exercise, and nutrition.

All students also will participate in a one-hour session on personal safety. This interactive lecture imparts lessons on distinguishing between "good" and "bad" strangers; avoiding or dealing with bullies; car safety; and bus safety. The session also includes a review of calling 911 and demonstrations of personal safety techniques.
Following completion of the residency program, PHCS will offer Littlebrook an after-school enrichment program featuring radKIDS®, a national program designed to provide children, ages 5 to 12, with hope, options, and practical skills to recognize, avoid, and, if necessary, escape violence and abuse.

The radKIDS® program entails five, activity-based sessions with lectures, safety drills, muscle memory exercises and physical defense techniques that relate to:

  • Safety at home, out-and-about, in school, and in vehicles;
  • Realistic defense against abduction;
  • Good/bad/uncomfortable touch;
  • Stranger tricks; and
  • Self-realization of personal power.

For a schedule of events, call Andy Williams at PHCS at (609) 897-8989 or email