Women's Programs Now Offered in North Brunswick and at New Address in Princeton

Oct 7, 2010

Specialized Women's Behavioral Health Programs Now Offered in North Brunswick and at a New Address in Princeton

As of September 27, 2010, Princeton House Behavioral Health expanded its specialized Women's Program to our outpatient site located at 1460 Livingston Avenue in North Brunswick, NJ. This expansion brings to women located in North Brunswick and surrounding communities access to specialized behavioral healthcare for those who have experienced trauma, major life changes or are in recovery from substance abuse.

"The mental health needs of women are distinct and becoming better appreciated and understood by researchers and clinicians. This trend led to more effective and specialized treatment," said Nathalie Edmond, Psy.D. Director of PHBH Women's Programs. "Our Women's Programs are at the forefront when it comes to addressing those needs and helping women build better lives."

We are now able to help serve the needs of women in Middlesex and other surrounding counties at the North Brunswick location. Four different programs will be offered at our newest outpatient site:

Please click program for further description.

As a result of this expansion of our program to North Brunswick, Princeton House Behavioral Health now provides specialized outpatient treatment for women at a total of four outpatient locations throughout the State of New Jersey: Princeton, Hamilton, Cherry Hill and North Brunswick (NEW).

In addition, PHBH relocated it Women's Program in Princeton to a new address: 1000 Herrontown Road in Princeton, NJ. We are now located across the street from our inpatient services site.

As of October 4, 2010, the newly located Princeton location began a new evening program: Emotion Regulation Intensive Outpatient Program. This unique program will run Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m.  Please click program to view description.

The Women's Program in Princeton will no longer offer Trauma and Addiction, however, it will still be offered in Mercer County at the Hamilton site and will now be offered at the new North Brunswick Women's Program location.

Professionals and consumers can call one centralized number, 609.688.3707, for more information or to schedule an appointment at any of our service sites.