Blankets Donated to University Medical Center at Princeton

Aug 10, 2010

University Medical Center at Princeton has received a donation of 68 handmade blankets from Bob's Blankie Brigade, a Princeton-based non-profit dedicated to serving people who are seriously ill or in need.

The colorful blankets, or "blankies," were hand-knit by volunteers and are of all sizes for use by newborns to adults. Bob's Blankie Brigade also presented 91 "teeny" hats for premature babies as well as caps for chemotherapy patients.

"We are so grateful to Bob's Blankie Brigade for the time and craftsmanship they've put into these items," said Joseph Stampe, Vice President of Development, Princeton HealthCare System. "Although the weather here in New Jersey can get quite warm, the side effects of chemotherapy, dehydration, fevers and illnesses oftentimes cause patients to feel cold. These blankets and hats will provide warmth and comfort to our patients."

Bob's Blankie Brigade is a 501(c)(3) non-profit "devoted to providing love, comfort and new beginnings through handmade blankies and related items to people who are seriously ill or in need."  For more information about Bob's Blankie Brigade, visit