Princeton IVF Laboratory Opens in Lawrenceville

Jul 12, 2010

Partnership of University Medical Center of Princeton and Princeton IVF Strengthens Services for Families with Infertility Issues

University Medical Center at Princeton (UMCP) and Princeton IVF, an infertility specialty group of Delaware Valley OB/GYN, announce the opening of a new and advanced lab to support the group's work on behalf of couples with infertility issues.

Located within Princeton IVF's medical offices on Princess Road in Lawrenceville, the facility, to be known as Princeton IVF Laboratory, is where the real science of reproductive medicine takes place.  Within its walls, highly skilled physicians and lab technicians work side by side, aided by the latest technology, to carry out in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive techniques.

"University Medical Center at Princeton is always interested in innovative partnerships and models of care that improve our community's access to specialized health services," said UMCP President Mark Jones. "Working together, UMCP and Princeton IVF have created a regional resource that strengthens and expands services for families with infertility issues."

"The Mercer County area now has a top-flight IVF lab to help couples suffering from infertility issues and recurrent early pregnancy losses realize their dreams," said Dr. Seth Derman, Princeton IVF medical and practice director.  "We want to thank our partner, University Medical Center at Princeton, for helping to make it possible."

The 1,000 square-foot IVF lab consists of four rooms: a procedure room for egg retrieval and embryo transfer, a recovery room, an embryology laboratory where sperm and egg are processed and cultured, and a cryopreservation and storage room for embryo preservation.

IVF labs are tightly controlled environments, built to exacting scientific standards. From its state-of-the-art equipment, to its special air handling and filtration system, to the use of low-emissions paints and finishes, everything about Princeton IVF Laboratory has been carefully engineered to improve pregnancy rates, Dr. Derman said.

Research has shown that air quality plays a critical role in the success of in vitro fertilization treatments.  As such, the Princeton IVF lab features stringent "clean room technology" that includes a specialized ventilation and HVAC system for improved air quality, flow and temperature control. Air quality is further enhanced by the use of eco-friendly, low-VOC paints and building materials.

"We have worked closely with a world-renowned environmental chemist, someone who has worked with some of the best IVF centers in the world, to develop a laboratory that will help us achieve exceptional results for people who are trying to conceive a child," says Dr. Derman. "We expect the results to be really exciting."

More information about Princeton IVF Laboratory is available by calling Princeton IVF at 609.896.4984.