Princeton HealthCare System Offers Second Location for Digital Mammography

Nov 10, 2008

As part of its commitment to providing advanced diagnostic imaging services, Princeton HealthCare System has expanded its digital mammography services to a second site.

In addition to existing capabilities at UMCP’s Breast Health Center in East Windsor, digital mammography is now available at University Medical Center at Princeton’s location at 253 Witherspoon Street. UMCP is a Clinical Research Affiliate of The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, as well as an approved program of the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer—a designation achieved by only one in four hospitals nationwide.

A National Cancer Institute-sponsored study has found that digital mammography has distinct advantages in detecting breast cancer for women who are younger than 50, have dense breasts, or are pre- or perimenopausal.

Overall, digital mammography has some additional benefits compared with traditional film mammography, including:

  • shorter exam times – no waiting for film to develop
  • ability to manipulate images
  • educed need for “re-takes”
  • improved image storage and transmission – images can be sent/stored electronically

In addition to digital mammography, UMCP also has advanced MRI breast imaging capabilities with its new high-definition 3.0T MRI. This new technology offers exceptional images, improved patient comfort, and the ability to image both breasts at once. UMCP is a full-service breast imaging facility with the capability of imaging and treating breast cancers, meeting the American College of Radiology’s recommendations for breast imaging facilities.

For more information about University Medical Center at Princeton’s breast imaging services, call 1.888.PHCS4YOU (1.888.742.7496).