Nominees for Princeton HealthCare System’s 2008 Distinguished Physician Humanitarian Award Announced

Nov 10, 2008

Nominees for Princeton HealthCare System's 2008 Distinguished Physician Humanitarian Award have been announced. This award honors physicians who extend their caring beyond the hospital or medical office - leading them to help people in disadvantaged communities, countries in crises and areas in dire need of healthcare across the globe. The physicians also volunteer their time and services to advance the missions of many local, national and international nonprofit organizations.The winner of this year's award will be announced at a reception on Sunday, November 23, 2008, at 4 p.m. at University Medical Center at Princeton. The fourteen nominees for this year's award include:

Dr. Jeffrey S. Abrams, is a widely published innovator in the evolving art and science of shoulder surgery. Dr. Abrams has made over 30 trips overseas in the past 15 years, teaching and demonstrating his new techniques in shoulder surgery and treating patients who would otherwise not receive the care they need. He resides in Princeton.

Dr. Alexander S. Carney, a physician who has faithfully donated time to University Medical Center at Princeton's (UMCP) Outpatient Clinic every month to work with the most complex rheumatology cases free of charge. In addition to diagnosing and treating the most challenging patients, Dr. Carney is committed to finding the most cost-effective alternative medications and treatments for these patients. He is also dedicated to grooming others to carry on his commitment by regularly volunteering his time to train Clinic and UMCP residents through lectures and hands-on patient diagnosis and treatment. He resides in Pennington.

Dr. Donald F. Denny, Jr., along with Dr. Mark R. McLaughlin and Dr. Victor D. Iturbides, arranged for and performed free medical treatment at UMCP for a 26-year-old Ecuadorian man who might otherwise have died from an intracranial aneurysm. He also regularly provides interventional radiology care to UMCP's Clinic patients. He resides in Princeton.

Dr. Rachel P. Dultz, Director of UMCP's Breast Health Center, is a regional leader in the campaign to promote breast health. She is a tireless advocate of breast health, regularly volunteering to perform breast cancer screenings for underprivileged women and to speak to community groups to heighten awareness. Her passionate commitment to the public extends well beyond the region. She underwent training in Israel that prepared her to step into a civilian medical position if Israeli doctors are called to the front lines in a national emergency. She resides in Pennington.

Dr. Scott E. Eder has traveled to West Africa for the past three years to help young girls and women in need. Participation in this program, organized by the International Organization for Women and Development, is a year-round commitment for Dr. Eder. In a country the United Nations ranks as the poorest in the world, Dr. Eder's efforts are making a difference for an infinite number of people every day. He resides in Princeton.

Dr. Rameck R. Hunt has used his experience to inspire and change the lives of others. He and his two boyhood friends, who are also physicians, founded the Three Doctors Foundation, whose mission is to serve as positive role models for inner city youth and families across the nation. He resides in Princeton.

Dr. Victor D. Iturbidesr, along with Dr. Mark R. McLaughlin and Dr. Donald F. Denny, Jr., arranged for and performed free medical treatment at UMCP for a 26-year-old Ecuadorian man who might otherwise have died from an intracranial aneurysm. He is a tireless advocate for the community's uninsured and underinsured and has had a major impact on the Latino population in Mercer County. He resides in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Phillippe John Khouri has provided care to hundreds of patients at Princeton House Behavioral Health, as well as in the community at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Most recently, he has focused on providing care to underserved populations in the Trenton area. He resides in Princeton.

Dr. Richard Levandowski has been a member of UMCP's Medical Staff for 30 years. He is dedicated to his patients and has a strong commitment to enhancing the health of the local community as a guest lecturer. In addition, he has been a volunteer faculty member at Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Medical School since 1977. This includes delivering a monthly lecture at the medical school and letting medical students shadow him in his office. He also voluntarily teaches residents at his office on Wednesdays. He resides in Lawrenceville.

Dr. Mark B. Levin, who has been nominated posthumously, was a member of the UMCP Medical staff from 1977 to the time of his death in June 2008. He practiced medicine and put aside his illness to treat children, to the end. Dr. Levin provided thoughtful and excellent care to our children with a sense of humor, a kind word, and excellent medical advice. He served on many boards and helped many non-profit organizations in the area, including Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Mercer County. He was a resident of Princeton.

Dr. Robert Mandel, a UMCP anesthesiologist, launched and privately funded a scholarship program in 1988 that sponsors between 400 and 500 students every year in Thailand. Over the past 20 years, he has changed the lives of more than 4,000 young people, mostly girls, in the rural northeast region of the country where he once lived. He resides in Princeton Junction.

Dr. Mark R. McLaughlin, a UMCP neurosurgeon, along with Dr. Donald F. Denny and Dr. Victor Iturbides, arranged for and performed free medical treatment at UMCP for a 26-year-old Ecuadorian man who might otherwise have died from an intracranial aneurysm. He resides in Skillman.

Dr. Ronald G. Nahass gives an afternoon per week to UMCP's Outpatient Clinic providing care for indigent patients with HIV and other infectious diseases. He directs the Central New Jersey activities of the AIDS Education and Training Committee (AETC) and provides training and expertise in care of patients with HIV/AIDS to front line providers in health centers and indigent care clinics in Trenton, Princeton, New Brunswick and Plainfield. He resides in Belle Mead.

Dr. Neal B. Schofield is Vice Chairman for the Department of Psychiatry at Princeton House Behavioral Health. He is a dedicated provider of care for patients who are dually diagnosed with psychiatric and substance abuse issues. Dr. Schofield is a mentor to many staff and is always willing to give of himself in terms of teaching or educating. He supports and donates his time to the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He resides in Skillman.