LAST UPDATED 01/26/15 1:26 PM: Due to the Winter Storm Warning for our region, community education and outreach classes that are scheduled for Monday evening, Jan. 26, 2015, and Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 have been cancelled. All of the Princeton House outpatient centers and outpatient admissions offices will be closed to patients on Tuesday, Jan. 27. Please check back as we will continue to post updates related to the storm here.

How to request reports and/or films

  • To get copies of your studies, either on CD or film, call UMCPP's Outpatient Imaging Center at 609.853.6700.
  • NOTE: Films/CDs may only be released to the patient who received the study/studies. Anyone other than the patient coming to pick up films/CDs must have a letter giving them permission to do so signed by the patient.
  • Films/CDs and reports may be picked up at the Medical Records office, located on the first floor in the Education Building.