Nutritional Counseling

consultationNormalizing eating is an essential part of the recovery process. As such, our program offers a wide range of nutrition therapy services designed to help patients develop healthier relationships with food.

These are some of the ways we integrate nutrition into our daily activities:

  • Individual nutritional counseling and meal planning is available daily to help educate patients about the exchange system, develop healthier food choices and allay fears about eating.
  • Education groups are conducted on a variety of topics such as awareness of hunger and fullness cues, intuitive eating, vitamins and minerals, food rituals, fad dieting, media influences and medical consequences of disordered nutrition.
  • Mealtime support is offered during every meal. Staff members are present during all meals and snacks, and a relaxing atmosphere is promoted to help decrease anxiety associated with eating.
  • Weekend planning groups are held to help patients address eating outside of the hospital. During the weekend, inpatients may be given passes to test new skills and behaviors in an unstructured setting.
  • Cooking group is offered weekly to encourage patients to actively participate in meeting their nutritional needs.
  • Cafeteria visits are planned weekly for partial hospitalization patients to provide an opportunity for patients to experience mealtimes in a less structured and social setting. Dietitians are available to provide support and encouragement during the meal, and following the meal, patients process the experience with staff members.
  • Theme events such as “movie day,” “ice cream party” and various take-out meals are offered regularly to help patients normalize eating and enjoy the social aspects of eating. Staff members join the patients as positive role models demonstrating relaxed eating attitudes.