Family Involvement

familyWhen a loved one enters treatment for an eating disorder, this is often a stressful and painful time for families and friends. Family members may find themselves asking, "What did I do wrong?” or “How do I talk to her/him?"

It is important to understand that families never cause eating disorders. However, families are an important resource in recovery. For this reason, we require family participation in family therapy and in our inpatient multifamily group.

Our staff works with families, as needed, to accommodate schedule and travel considerations. Here is a brief description of how families are involved.

  • Family Therapy
    Our dedicated treatment teams work with patients and their families to identify the role family members can help play in recovery. This may involve parents, siblings, spouses/partners, friends and other loved ones who may help to support the recovery process. We do our best to schedule family therapy at each family’s convenience, Monday through Friday, during days or evenings.
  • Multifamily Group
    This group session provides a unique opportunity for family members to learn about issues relevant to the development, maintenance and treatment of eating disorders and to seek support in the process of healing and recovery. Multifamily group is an integral part of our treatment approach.