Feeding Therapy for Problem Feeders

Mealtimes can be a challenging prospect for parents and kids alike, particularly if your child is a picky or problem eater.


Feeding issues are far from unusual. In fact, they affect 25 to 40 percent of children. If your child has a developmental disability, the likelihood of a feeding problem is even higher - nearly 80 percent.Pediatric Rehabilitation uses a multidisciplinary approach to help evaluate children with feeding problems and develop strategies for dealing with those issues - providing children with the skills they need to make them more comfortable at mealtimes, whether they're at home or elsewhere.

Using a sensory-oral-sequential (SOS) approach, our staff aims to help children with feeding issues:

  • Increase the amount of food they eat
  • Decrease the number of times and types of foods they refuse to eat
  • Improve the oral motor skills needed to feed themselves efficiently
  • Learn to eat naturally and consistently, in their normal environment
  • Develop socially acceptable feeding habits
For more information about Feeding Therapy or to schedule an assessment for your child, please call 609.430.7880.